Game On: Hockey Dreams and Higher Education

CST Beyond the Blue Line looks at hockey and education savings.
The Shore family’s backyard rink where hockey dreams and hopes for the future began. (Click the image to watch their story).

To say that the Shore Family loves hockey, is an understatement.

Their passion for the game was passed onto their children, right from the moment they were born.

“We had a hockey blanket in the hospital for the delivery,” laughed Andrea.

The Shores’ two sons, Devin and Darin, have carried on the family tradition.

Watch this video for The Shore family’s story

“We always played for the love of the game,” said Darin, a university student.

“It’s a passion that isn’t easily explained,” said Devin, who is a professional hockey player.  “It’s exhilarating, it’s fun, it’s pure – it’s a pretty special and indescribable feeling just to be out there and doing something that you love to do and having fun with your buddies.”

Devin Shore as a toddler. "He had a mini-stick in his hands from a very young age," said his Dad, Kyle.
“He had a mini-stick in his hands from a very young age,” said his Kyle Shore of his son, Devin.

The Shores not only have a passion for hockey, they also value education. Their father, Kyle, believes it’s important to strike a balance between both, as hockey is an expensive sport.

“You have to keep things manageable and you have to make sure that you have money for an education,” he said.


While many young athletes hope to receive a hockey scholarship, it’s not always a reality. According to, Selling the Dream by Ken Campbell, the odds that a player registering for minor hockey will get a scholarship from either the CHL or NCAA is 0.7%.

“I think realistically, it’s good to have that dream and you go for it and do whatever it takes, but you need a backup plan when it comes to professional hockey,” said Kyle.

The Shore family wanted to share their story about the love of the game and the importance of education.

“My parents raised me right from the beginning, that education was the most important thing,” explained Devin. “They just raised me to really care about school and I think as an athlete, you’re competitive in nature and you want to excel and do well in anything you do, and school’s just another thing.”

“I don’t think in today’s world you can really get anywhere without it,” said Darin.

CST Beyond the Blue Line Devin Shore
Devin Shore on his love for hockey, “It’s a tough thing to describe. It’s just a pretty strong passion.”

Their grandparents, Tim and Aleta Cacanindin, also value education.  “From the very first, we instilled in our children that when acquiring grade 12, you graduated high school, but that was not anywhere near the end. That was just the beginning.”

They opened CST Registered Education Savings Plans for their own children and grandchildren.

“We wanted all of our grandchildren to get an education, the same as their parents had,“ explained Aleta.  “Our son became an aeronautic engineer with his Master’s from the University of Washington and Andrea went on and got her Bachelor in Nursing from the University of Manitoba.”

“That was a huge help,” said Andrea, “It certainly helped me achieve my academic goals.”

“They have six grandchildren,” she explained. “All of those grandchildren are going into university.  So, all of those grandchildren are benefiting from their investment into CST.”

“Just as a little present maybe from us, we knew it wouldn’t go anywhere near to cover the cost of their education, but it was just a little additional towards their education,” said Aleta. “Just a feeling we were helping them in a small way to get their education.”

CST Beyond the Blue Line - The Shore Family
The Shore Family (Top L-R): Devin, Kyle (Bottom L-R): Andrea, Aleta, Darin


Both Devin and Darin expressed their gratitude for their grandparents help.

“When you’re on a college budget, every little bit counts and I was definitely able to stretch that a long way,” said Devin, who attended the University of Maine before leaving to pursue his professional career.

Devin said the money helped “when I was living on my own and in an apartment and I had to worry about cooking and groceries and cleaning and putting gas in my car to get around campus.”

Darin is studying at the University of Waterloo and explains receiving the RESP was a surprise.

“That was a bonus,” he said, “A little bit of extra cash to help pay for school, which was pretty sweet when I found out about that.  So, definitely, a big thanks to them.”

And just because Devin is playing hockey professionally, doesn’t mean his dreams of a degree are over.  He is still taking online classes to complete his degree.

“There’s a lot of life to live after hockey and it’s important to set yourself up to have something to fall back on,” Devin said. “Also, I think it’s important to just finish something that you start.”

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Game On: Hockey Dreams and Higher Education

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